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This page shows you what we did in the latter half of 2000.

Events were on Monday evenings unless noted otherwise.

3 July 2000

Plan club films

10 July

Five-Minute Open Competition - make a film on any subject that lasts no more than five minutes

17 July

Show and discuss editing exercise from 12 June

24 July

Welcome evening for new members

31 July

Plan club films

7 August

Instructional videos

14 August

Instructional evening - composition and how not to cross the line

21 August

Guest speaker: Demonstration of make-up for video

28 August

August Bank Holiday - no meeting

4 September

Members' Videos

11 September

Plan and discuss club films

18 September

Themed Competition - make a film which prominently features one or more of the following themes:

  • A poem
  • A piece of music, with or without words
  • A hobby - your own or someone else's
  • Fiction

25 September

Video exercise - make a video for a piece of music (continued next week)

2 October

Video exercise (continued from last week)

9 October

Video exercise (continued from 25 September

16 October

Documentary Competition. A documentary is "based on real events, places, or circumstances and usually intended primarily to record or inform." (New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary) You may make a documentary about a place where you went for a holiday (see the description of the Holiday Competition, below).

23 October

Public showing of some of our films.

Including some of our previous productions, as well as videos by individual members.

Everybody is welcome and admission is free. The show starts at 8pm at:
Room 3
The Community Centre
Allum Lane

30 October

Selection of our entries for HACCA 2000

6 November

The mechanics of linear editing

13 November

Selection of our entries for Joe Kay 2001

Saturday 18 November

HACCA 2000 at Hemel Hempstead

20 November

Holiday Competition. Make a video about your holiday! You may concentrate on the place where you went for your holiday, rather than on what you did there, but you must show people (preferably yourself or the people you went with) on holiday.

27 November

The basics of sound recording

4 December

Discussion and rehearsal of club films

11 December

Freestyle Competition Make a video, about any subject. There is no time limit for this competition, but this is not an excuse to show a raw camcorder tape. This competition is for those videos which, after editing, still need to be longer than the normal 15 minutes. You can, of course, enter a film that is shorter than 15 minutes if it was not ready for an earlier competition.

18 December

Christmas Party

25 December

No meeting

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