Bonus Material for Dust & Water

Below are links to some bonus material for Dust & Water. The maps are included in the ebook, but the versions here are at a higher resolution.

Map of Molkolin (the city where the book is set).

Map of the north-east of the Anorene Empire. Molkolin is the northernmost settlement in the Empire.

Larger version of cover image.

Behind the scenes photo for cover image with my sister Ellen.

Deleted scene - Alesin's first day on the job with the Revenue Service. This has a big spoiler for the end of Plague & Poison.

Video of the prologue, read by Matthew Shaw (9 minutes 40 seconds). This is spoiler-free.

Timelapse video of me drawing the map of Molkolin (6 minutes 5 seconds).

A video of the "making of" the novel (3 minutes 55 seconds). I generated this from my daily backups to produce an animated graph of how the manuscript changed on each day that I worked on it.

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