Steven J Pemberton's Books

Here is a list of all the series and standalone books I've published. The links will tell you more about the book or series, tell you where to buy, and let you read samples and bonus material.

Greatcroft (historical fiction)

The Barefoot Healer Series (fantasy)

The Schemes of Raltarn & Tomaz (fantasy)

The Dragonrider Series (fantasy)

Racing the Storm and Other Stories (science fiction short stories)

Escape Velocity (science fiction)

Simon and the Birthday Wish (for children)

Review Copies

You don't need a physical e-reader to read my ebooks (or anyone else's, come to that). There are free apps to read them on computers, tablets and smartphones. Click here for Kindle readers, here for Nook, and here for Kobo.

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Review Copies

If you're interested in reviewing any of my books, please email me (webmaster (at) pembers (dot) net) with a link to where I can read some of your reviews (so I know you're serious about reviewing). Please state which book(s) you're interested in and which format you want. I can supply .mobi (for the Kindle), .epub (for most other ereaders) and PDF. I don't normally give out print copies, but I occasionally have spares lying around, so if you want one it's probably worth asking just in case.

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