The Schemes of Raltarn & Tomaz by Steven J Pemberton

Raltarn is a young man trying to make his way in the world, improve his skill in magic, and win the hand of his beloved Shanu. None of those are easy when their country is at war and Raltarn's guardian, his uncle Tomaz, is never sure which side of the law he wants to be on.

The Schemes of Raltarn & Tomaz is set in the same world as The Dragonrider Series, but takes place about a thousand years earlier. The series currently has only one book, The Mirrors of Elangir, but I'm writing another, which I aim to release in late 2018 early 2019 the 2020s.

The Mirrors of Elangir (The Schemes of Raltarn & Tomaz, Volume I)

The Mirrors of Elangir is a hunt for a magical treasure that could pay a dowry - or win a war.

Raltarn and his uncle are entrepreneurs, struggling to make an honest living - or failing that, any sort of living - as Raltarn scrapes together a dowry for his fiancée Shanu. Shanu's father, tired of waiting, gives Raltarn an ultimatum - double your fortune in three months or the wedding is off.

While clearing junk from a dead man's house, Raltarn finds a magic mirror that can communicate instantaneously with an identical mirror over great distances. The pair could provide him with a dowry - and might give his country the edge it needs in the long war with its neighbour. When the other mirror proves to be thousands of miles away, across dangerous seas and unexplored lands, Raltarn and his uncle decide the risks are worth it, but they soon discover they are not the only ones who see the opportunity for power and profit...

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ISBN 978 131 177 686 0 (ePub edition), 978 150 034 334 7 (paperback).

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Here is the bonus material for The Mirrors of Elangir, including maps and deleted scenes.

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