Bonus Material for The Reluctant Dragonrider

Below are links to some bonus material for The Reluctant Dragonrider.

A couple of screenshots of the process of creating the cover - posing the dragon and composing the overall picture.

Video of me doing the calligraphy for the title on the cover (almost as interesting as it sounds) (3 minutes 31 seconds).

Video of me reading chapter 1 (13 minutes 28 seconds).

Video of me reading chapter 22 (9 minutes 18 seconds).

Larger version of the cover image (wraparound cover for the paperback edition).

An interview about the book on author Lauren Alder's blog, in which I talk about the origins of the Dragonrider series, some of the characters in the book, and my advice to aspiring writers. There's also a sneak peak of the book that isn't in the free sample that you can read on Amazon.

Last update: 14/7/2021 15:45