Bonus Material for Death and Magic

Below are links to some bonus material for Death & Magic. I've tried to keep it spoiler-free, but I would advise not perusing it until you've read the book. The maps are included in the ebook, but the versions here are at a higher resolution.

Video of me reading the first chapter (9 minutes 42 seconds). I trimmed it a bit to keep it under ten minutes - can you tell what I cut without going back to the book to check?

Audio of me reading the first chapter, unabridged. (MP3, 11 minutes 30 seconds or 10.5 megabytes)

Map of Kyer Altamar (the Centadorian capital)

Map of Kyturil (the new wizards' school)

Calendar and School Timetable

Larger version of cover image

Behind-the-scenes photo for cover image. The gunk on my fingertips is grease and soot from the grill in the kitchen.

Behind-the-scenes photo for drawing the maps. My first attempt at the map of Kyturil was done in Bryce, a program for making 3D pictures of landscapes. See here for a better look at it.

Behind-the-scenes photo for recording the reading of chapter 1.

A lump of obsidian - the stuff the Kreztalin are made of. This example is in the "Volcanoes and Earthquakes" gallery of London's Natural History Museum.

Quiz about the book, hosted by Goodreads. The answers to this one are all in the first eight chapters (the free sample). (This is not the one where you can win a copy of the ebook if you get all the questions right. That's here.)

Pronunciation guide for the names in the book.

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