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This page shows you what we're planning for the next few months. Events are on Monday evenings unless noted otherwise. See this page for details of where we meet.

Except where noted otherwise, there is a time limit of 15 minutes on all competition entries.

Events may be altered or postponed at short notice. Please check this page again a few days before any event that you plan to attend.

Events held in previous years

7 January 2008

Annual General Meeting including election of committee for 2008.

21 January

Joe Kay Trophy Competition Borehamwood versus Harrow Cine and Video Society, at Harrow. Borehamwood won, for the third year running! Photo of our chairman receiving the trophy

4 February

Discuss and plan programme for 2008. Also we will be handing out the tapes for the editing exercise later in the year.

18 February

Edit in Camera evening. How to make videos without a computer! Bring your camera along or borrow one for the evening. Lighting will be provided.

3 March

Practical Advice evening. Bring along some of your videos for constructive advice.

17 March

Five Minute Open Competition Make a video, about any subject, that lasts no more than five minutes. After this, we will watch the results of the editing exercise.
The competition winner was The Vasa Museum, by Stanley Russell.

7 April

Simple Video Effects A demonstration of pixilation, time lapse, stop motion and similar techniques.

21 April

Plan 3 Filming Evenings We will decide what we are going to do for the next three meetings - group films or another club production.

5 May

Bank Holiday No meeting

19 May

Practical Filming Make a prompt start on any exteriors, as sunset is at 8:50pm.

2 June

Practical Filming Sunset tonight is at 9:11pm.

16 June

Practical Filming Sunset is at 9:20pm.

Summer Break

The club is closed during July and August, giving you more time to take advantage of the good weather to shoot lots of video.

1 September

View the results of our practical filming.

15 September

Holiday Competition for the Bert Dewdney Shield. Make a video about your holiday, up to 15 minutes long.
The winner was Heading North, by Mick Murphy.

6 October

Ben Simon comes to talk to us.

20 October

Documentary Competition for the Dennis Edwards Shield. Make a documentary about any subject that lasts no more than 15 minutes.
The winner was The Year of the Rat, by Peter and Barbara Norman.

3 November

Selection of our entries for HACCA and Joe Kay.

17 November


Saturday 22 November

HACCA We host the competition this year.
The winner was Berlin - Phoenix City, by John Astin. (Photo of John (left) receiving his trophy.) The judges gave one of our entries, Monet's Garden by Peter and Barbara Norman, an honorable mention.

1 December

Film of the Year 2008 We choose the best video made by our members this year.
Ben Simon judged five excellent videos for us. His decision was very close between Heading North by Mick Murphy and The Year of the Rat by Peter and Barbara Norman, but he eventually declared The Year of the Rat to be the winner. (Photo of Ben (left) presenting the trophy to Peter.)

15 December

Christmas Party

Events held in previous years

If you're in charge of the programme for another club, feel free to use or adapt any of the ideas you find here for your own purposes.

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