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I'm sorry if you've had trouble finding this page, but I'm trying to keep my e-mail address away from those greedy, blood-sucking, parentless, bandwidth-squandering parasites known as spammers. Here it is, then:

e-mail: webmaster at pembers dot net

On the subject of spam, note that any email addressed to me that has passed through an open relay is considered to be spam and is automatically deleted - I will never see it. Reputable ISPs should never route mail through open relays (because of all the complaints they'll get when it doesn't arrive), but I suppose there might be one or two who haven't yet adjusted to the harsh reality of the 21st century Internet.

If you send mail to the above address and don't get a reply within a couple of weeks, try using another mail account. A web-based one such as Hotmail or Yahoo would probably be a good idea. Mention that you wrote earlier and didn't get an answer. It might prompt me to make my spam filters a bit more intelligent - or make me feel guilty enough to apologise if I did get your mail and was just sitting on it ;-)

Don't email this address or this one. Both of those are traps that auto-forward to the US Federal Trade Commission. Oh, and don't email this one either.

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Last update: 25/7/2020 17:09