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By clicking on the various links above, you can see some of the pictures that I've perpetrated over the years. Mostly, they're inspired by the things that I write about (see the Fiction page for info on what inspires that). I try to draw realistically, but I'm not too worried about getting details absolutely right. My main concern is what's going on in the picture. One of my art teachers remarked: "You can draw, it's just that you don't."

If you have Poser 3 or 4, you can download the face and hand poses for some of the characters in the pictures here.

Copyright Notice

If you want to use any of these images for your own purposes, feel free to do so. You may copy and distribute them, provided you don't sell them, or include them with anything which is being sold. (You may charge a reasonable fee to cover your costs.) I would appreciate it if you credit me as the artist and include the URL of this page. You may not state or imply that someone other than me is the artist. If you credit me, you must also credit the originators of any other resources which I've used in the relevant images. (The Comments link will tell you who they are.) Please don't alter the images, except to convert them to a different file format.

Some of the Comments links describe techniques that I used to create the picture. As far as I'm aware, these techniques are all well-known among artists and are considered public domain. I encourage you to use the techniques in your own pictures.

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