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These sites are either run by people I like, are about products I like, or have content that I like.
The "Comments" link which appears next to some of the products gives you some more detailed information about that product, such as what I use it for, or why I particularly like it. I'm not affiliated with any of these companies; I'm simply a (reasonably) satisfied customer.
I try to make sure these links are all current, but if you find that any are broken, please let me know. Thanks!

Other Sites I Run
Borehamwood Camcorder Club An amateur videomaking club of which I'm a member.
Our photographs Various photos my girlfriend and I have taken over the years. Probably only of interest if you know us.
My YouTube channel Videos that I've made, either by myself or with others.
Pen Party You are invited to the Pen Party - new penpal club seeks members worldwide.
Katy Jones An Internet pal.
Mark Reed I met him through hospital radio; he works for CTV Outside Broadcasts, mainly as a sound engineer.
Andy Savage I got chatting to him when I was looking for a photograph to illustrate a film I was making. There's a huge amount of stuff here: hundreds of photos of his home town, Derby; timelapse videos; music; electronics; DIY; and a tribute to his favourite TV series, the comedy sketch show Absolutely. I've probably missed a few things, so go and look for yourself.
Reinhard's Dreampage An artist who works with gems and precious stones. There are a lot of beautiful pieces on show here, and more links than just about any other site I've seen.
Rolf Hemmerling An artist, musician, poet, photographer, painter, sculptor, cameraman, director, actor, video artist and web designer.
(I do have more friends than this (honest), but only a few of them have web pages.)
The Dilbert Zone Essential stress relief for the modern office worker.
User Friendly This has some similarities to Dilbert, but the storylines are more geeky and more grounded in reality. You'll need some understanding of UNIX and/or Linux to appreciate it fully.
Something Positive The everyday lives of Davan, Aubrey, Peejee and a boneless pink cat called Choo-Choo Bear. The artist apparently gets a lot of hate mail, which is usually a sign that you're doing something right. There's a lot of swearing and violence in this, although the violence is mostly threatened or implied. The characters are often very cruel to one another, but the strip goes past cruelty for the sake of it and into "so cruel it's funny." Of all the comics linked to here, this is the one that makes me laugh out loud most often.
Help Desk The working life of Alex, a technical support representative for a large software company. The artwork is... uninspired, shall we say, and the storylines sometimes mirror the news of the day a little too closely, but the writing is excellent. This strip is second only to Something Positive in its ability to make me laugh.
PvP (Player versus Player)

PvP is set in the offices of a small computer gaming magazine. Like most office comedies, the cast never seem to get any work done. The major characters are all quite likeable - even when they're being nasty to someone, I often think the victim deserves it. Although nothing essential changes, there is something of a continuing story, in that something that happened many episodes ago will sometimes have an effect later.

This strip gave me an important insight into the interaction between fiction and reality. In February 2004, Cole (the boss) got dragged into court, because another magazine alleged that he'd published a game review that was copied from them. He couldn't afford a good lawyer, and so Skull (his intern, who just happens to be a 400-pound blue troll) offered to defend him. Many readers, who presumably had no difficulty accepting the existence of this imaginary creature within the strip, nevertheless emailed the artist, wanting to know how it is that he could practice law without having passed the bar exam.

The lesson I drew from this was: when your reader can't prove you wrong, your story can have whatever weirdness you like, as long as it's self-consistent. But when your story intersects the real world (or something like it), you have to play by the real world's rules.

Software Products:
Steinberg International Suppliers of Cubase, my music recording software. Comments.
Syntrillium Software Corporation Suppliers of Cool Edit, a shareware sound editor. Comments.
Software Products:
2D Graphics
Cerious Software Suppliers of Thumbs Plus (shareware), an image cataloguing program. Comments.
JASC Supplier of Paint Shop Pro, which I've used a lot in compositing still and video images. I also use it for editing texture maps for Poser figures.
Software Products:
3D Graphics
Curious Labs Suppliers of Poser, which I use for the people in my computer pictures and also to create some animated people for my video Ambiguity. Comments.
Chris Derochie's PoseAmation PoseAmation is the first of a planned series of CD-ROMs of animation and much more for Poser (see link above). Chris is a professional animator and a regular contributor to the Poser mailing list.
POV-Ray A high-quality, free, raytracing program. Comments.
Moray A shareware modeller for use with POV-Ray. Comments.
Software Products:
Programming Tools
PERL.COM A source of all things Perl-ish. My favourite version of The One True Text Editor. I use it for crafting the HTML for this site, and for editing Perl and shell scripts. I'm not (yet) foolish enough to be drawn into a vi vs. emacs flame war. I use either, depending on the requirements of the task. I tend to use vi when I just want to look at a file, or make a few small changes and then go on to something else. I use emacs when I expect to be working on the file over several hours or days, or when I need to work on a set of related files, so that the pattern is: change one file, save it, change another file, save it, go back to the first file, change it, save it... and on until the job's done or I get bored with it.
Software Products:
Other Stuff

A free, full-featured office suite. (Yes, the ".org" is part of its name. Apparently "OpenOffice" was already trademarked by someone else.) It runs on Windows and Linux, amongst others. I mainly use the wordprocessor and, occasionally, the spreadsheet. All of my more recent stories and screenplays started life in it. The HTML that it generates is a little antiquated, but perfectly usable. I generally strip out most of the formatting that it inserts, as this is relevant only if you want to import it back into a wordprocessor.

In my view, is a serious contender to Microsoft Office. In theory, there are some things that MS Office does that doesn't, but I have yet to discover them in practice. It is very good at dealing with the MS Office documents that benighted individuals occasionally send me.

Mandriva Suppliers of Mandriva Linux, one of many distributions of the GNU/Linux operating system. For my day-to-day computing needs at home, this has completely replaced Windows. I now use Windows only for (occasional) gaming and running applications where either no comparable Linux application exists, or where one does exist, but I've not taken the time to learn how to use it.
VideoMach (successor to Fast Movie Processor) A useful little program for converting video files from one format to another. Comments.
Everything Else

A free encyclopedia that is being built collaboratively through the Web. Anyone can create new articles or edit existing ones to improve them. You don't even have to register for an account to do this, although it makes things easier for you if you do. One of my favourite features is the random page selector, which has started me on many fascinating journeys through the whole gamut of human knowledge. If it picks an article that doesn't interest you, or that doesn't lead anywhere, just select "Random Page" again from the list of links on the left-hand side of the page.

Wikipedia is licenced under the GNU Free Documentation Licence. I've made several contributions: this is a list of the main ones. Mostly, I just fix typos and grammatical errors. This is a full list of my edits.

If you'd like a link on this site, send me an e-mail and (if I like your site ;-) it shall be done.

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