Here you'll find screenplays for videos that I haven't got around to making yet. The reason for the videos not being made yet varies. In some cases, it's because the screenplay isn't finished (though that hasn't always stopped our club before ;-) In some cases, it's because we think the video doesn't fit the constraints facing an amateur production. There might be a lack of suitable actors or locations, or the story might be too long to hold the viewer's interest. For at least one script, the club thought there was too much dialogue, and that the likely actors wouldn't be able to make it convincing. Finally, the reason some of them are still in the wordprocessor is simply that there are only 24 hours in each day, and 7 days in each week :-(

Untitled - 1998. A young thug intent on robbing two old tramps gets some nasty surprises.

Slowtime - 2000 (incomplete). Gerry Lowther has found an undetectable way to steal absolutely anything from plain view. Can Agent Allen stop him?

Surveyor T93 - 2000. Beautiful scenery. Lost civilisations. Broken hearts. Rescue missions. Homicidal monuments. All in a day's work for the Galatic Survey.

Timecops: The O'Grady Incident - 2003. Two time-travelling police officers face a moral dilemma when they unintentionally prevent a boy from dying in an enemy attack. The rules forbid them from interfering with history unless absolutely necessary. Their commander orders them to undo their actions so that the boy will die. Which is more important - history or a boy's life?

I think that this script has the potential for a series of perhaps four to six episodes, but we'll see how we get on with this one first.

Copyright notice

The copyright in the screenplays presented here is owned by me, Steve Pemberton. You may make verbatim copies of them in any medium, without obligation to me. You may not sell them, or include them with anything that is being sold, although you may charge a reasonable fee to cover any costs you incur in copying and distribution. You may not create derivative works from them. Primarily, this means that you may not create motion pictures that are based on them. If you put a copy somewhere that is accessible to a large number of people, I would appreciate it if you mention that the original is available at my website,

Please contact me if you want to do something that is not permitted by this copyright notice, and we'll see if we can come to an agreement.

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